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The Northwestern                                                  
A.R.R.L. Division Director:       
 Jim Fenstermaker, K9JF
10312 NE 161st Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98682
360-256-1716                                                      Area Nets:                                Mt. Traffic Net on 3.910Mhz. @ 00:30Z M-F
                                                  MT. Races on 3.947Mhz. at 16:00Z Sun.
                                                  10 Meters Gumbeaters Net 28.400Mhz.
                                                   at 7:00pm local time Friday`s
                                                   Wyoming Jackalope Net
                                                   (7.260Mhz. Mon-Sat.19:15Z / 12:15pm.)

Vice Director:

William J. Sawders, K7ZM
19821 Ponderosa St
Bend, OR 97702

A.R.R.L. Montana Section Manager:

Douglas R. Dunn, K7YD
216 Fiddle Creek Rd
Livingston, MT 59047-4116

Assistant Section Manager
Jack W Greenwood, N7WF
PO Box 249
Wolf Point, MT 59201-0249

Wayne P Van Meter, N7TAE
2224 1/2 Rattlesnake Dr
Missoula, MT 59802-3522

Affiliated Club Coordinator
G E Martin, K7ABV
3608 5th Ave S
Great Falls, MT 59405-3546
(406)727-7032, (406)791-2312

Section Emergency Coordinator
Gansel, Todd E, AE7V

2453 North Road 15
Worden, MT 59088

State Government Liaison
Terry C Whiteside, W7WWW
372 Zion Cir
Billings, MT 59102-6942
(406) 245-5132, (406) 652-3811

Section Traffic Manager
Herbert F Allard, KA7YYR
RR 2
Savage, MT 59262-9802

Technical Coordinator
William F Erhardt, K7MT
2851 Festival Rd
Helena, MT 59602-9120
(406) 227-7219

                  *** VE Testing Session  ***

Time: 10:00AM (Walk-ins allowed)

Phone: (406) 656-6987
Location: Q2 BLDG - 3RD FLOOR (KTVQ)
3203 3RD AVE N.

 The 2011 fee to take an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE)-administered Amateur Radio license exam will remain at $15.00.

New VE Schedule for 2011: January 15, March 19, May 21, July 16, September 17, November 19, 2011

For a link to  FCC Part 97 Rules & Regulations, just click any of the listed topics below.

Subpart A - General Provisions
97.1 Basis and purpose.
97.3 Definitions.
97.5 Station license required.
97.7 Control operator required.
97.9 Operator license.
97.11 Stations aboard ships or aircraft.
97.13 Restrictions on station location.
97.15 Station antenna structures.
97.17 Application for new license grant.
97.19 Application for a vanity call sign.
97.21 Application for a modified or renewed license.
97.23 Mailing address.
97.25 License term.
97.27 FCC modification of station license.
97.29 Replacement license document.

Subpart B
- Station Operation Standards
97.101 General standards.
97.103 Station licensee responsibilities.
97.105 Control operator duties.
97.107 Alien control operator privileges.
97.109 Station control.
97.111 Authorized transmissions.
97.113 Prohibited transmissions.
97.115 Third party communications.
97.117 International communications.
97.119 Station identification.
97.121 Restricted operation.

Subpart C
- Special Operations
97.201 Auxiliary station.
97.203 Beacon station.
97.205 Repeater station.
97.207 Space station.
97.209 Earth station.
97.211 Space telecommand station.
97.213 Telecommand of an amateur station.
97.215 Telecommand of model craft.
97.217 Telemetry.
97.219 Message forwarding system.
97.221 Automatically controlled digital station.
FCC ULS : Federal Registration Numbers
FCC Implements Federal Registration Numbers
September 15, 2001 & updated November 1, 2001

TINs, Licensee ID's and FRN's -- What are they and why do we need them?

What is a TIN?
Why is it necessary to supply a SSN to the FCC?
What is a License ID
What is a Federal Registration Number (FRN) ?
Code of Federal Regulations (regarding FRN's)
What does the new FRN mean for current ULS licensees?
If you file a paper application manually
How can I find my FRN
Performing a License Search in ULS
How do I obtain an FRN?
How do I obtain a CORES password?
How does FRN affect filing through a VEC?
How will CORES affect my ATIN(s)?
Is it Possible to Deactivate FRNs?
For Further Information or Assistance
Subpart D - Technical Standards
97.301 Authorized frequency bands.
97.303 Frequency sharing requirements.
97.305 Authorized emission types.
97.307 Emission standards.
97.309 RTTY and data emission codes.
97.311 SS emission types.
97.313 Transmitter power standards.
97.315 Certification of external RF power amplifiers.
97.317 Standards for certification of external RF power amplifiers.

Subpart E
- Emergency Communications
97.401 Operation during a disaster.
97.403 Safety of life and protection of property.
97.405 Station in distress.
97.407 Radio amateur civil emergency service.

Subpart F
- Qualifying Examination Systems
97.501 Qualifying for an amateur operator license.
97.503 Element standards.
97.505 Element credit.
97.507 Preparing an examination.
97.509 Administering VE requirements.
97.511 Examinee conduct.
97.513 VE session manager requirements.
97.519 Coordinating examination sessions.
97.521 VEC qualifications.
97.523 Question pools.
97.525 Accrediting VEs.
97.527 Reimbursement for expenses.

Appendix 1 Areas Regulated by the FCC
Appendix 2 VEC Regions
Sec. 1.913 Application requirements and procedures
Sec. 1.923 Content of applications
Sec. 1.1307 When Environmental Assessments (EA) must be prepared
Sec. 1.1310 Radiofrequency radiation exposure limits









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